Teresa Tobias

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Ms. Tobias’ goal is to lead teams and execute projects to successful results. This certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt has been teaching, coaching, working projects and mentoring clients since 1996. Ms. Tobias has extensive experience working with leadership to select the right projects, aligned with business goals, and assign resources to executive those projects. She also takes pride in the practical application of what she teaches by executing projects herself and leading project teams to transform their organizations.

Experience in Services

Teresa’s most recent experience has been working with SummitOG client, Texas Children’s Hospital. There, she trained and mentored Black Belts and Green belts working projects to enhance patient flow and reduce cost. Hard dollar project savings in a 13 month time frame exceeded $2.6MM annualized. Prior to this, Teresa provided Lean Six Sigma services as a consultant to the University of Oklahoma Lean Institute, George Group (now Accenture), and Six Sigma Academy, training many of these organizations clients, including the United States Postal Service, Bank of America, Marsh, Bank of New York, and Thrivent Financial. At Bank of America she trained associates in the Customer Service, Call Centers, Credit Card, and Finance divisions. She has also trained individuals/ organizations in Information Technology, Retirement Services, Insurance, and Investment Services (see organization list below).and Master Black Belts at various organizations.

Experience in Manufacturing

At AlliedSignal, Teresa worked manufacturing projects on gears, shafts, and impellers. In addition, she directly managed and mentored Black Belts working projects in plating, welding, grinding, braising, heat treat, assembly, fan balancing, fuel control testing, and engine testing. Total savings on both mentored and worked projects in excess of $19MM. After becoming a consultant, Teresa trained individuals at Delta Airlines Technical Operations group, Dupont, Johnson Controls, Abbott Laboratories, Eli Lilly, On-Semi, Sealed Air, Ecolab, and Merck. At Delta Airlines, she trained and mentored Black Belts, Green Belts, and Master Black Belts in Technical Operations with cumulative project savings in excess of $79MM over a 3 year time frame.

Education/Degrees, Professional Memberships/Certifications

Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma Quality Black Belt Training, 05/1995. A four month training program provided by Six Sigma Associates in conjunction with Six Sigma Academy. Certified 10/1995.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training, 08/1996. Twelve month training program provided by Six Sigma Associates. Certified 05/1997.

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